Term Loan for Business

You are purchasing major fixed assets

A Term Loan can help when you are planning to purchase major fixed assets. Based on your short- or long-term business goals, you can choose either a fixed- or variable-rate loan.

Key benefits of the Term Loan for business:

Flexible payment options and terms that let you to match your loan to your cash flow

Flexible repayment periods of up to 15 years

Competitive fixed or variable interest rates

Options to make partial or full pre-payments at any time

A Fixed-Rate loan offers you the peace of mind of consistent payments, regardless of fluctuations in base interest rates.

  • Lock in at a specific fixed rate for lower borrowing costs when you make regular payments

  • Maintain your budgeted costs even when base interest rates rise

  • Make blended payments that can go towards principal and interest

A Variable-Rate Loan provides you the opportunity to save on interest costs immediately when the base interest rate decreases

  • Save money when interest rates decrease

  • Make partial or full principal pre-payments at any time