Mastercard Basics Business Card

The Mastercard Basics Business Card is an effective, flexible and easy-to-use expense management and payment tool for your small business.


You want a flexible, easy-to-use business card


Card loss and fraud protection


Travel accident benefits, rental car insurance coverage, and more

With the Belize Bank Corporation Limited MasterCard Business Card, you can:

Order up to five cards and set specific credit limits for each card

Use online expense tracking via individual statements for each card

Enrol in the Credit Protection for your MasterCard Basic Business Card, which can protect you in the event of death or critical illness

Get cash advances at over one million ATMs worldwide

Use Belize Bank Corporation Limited Credit Card Cheques wherever credit cards are not accepted

Plus more valuable extras such as protection from card loss and fraud, travel accident benefits, rental car coverage, and much more

At a Glance

Security in mind

Every transaction you make using a Belize Bank Corporation Limited card with chip and your unique 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) gives you an added layer of security. That means greater protection each and every time.

Order up to five cards

Includes Belize Bank Corporation Limited Credit Card cheques

Get cash advances from ATMs worldwide